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  1. Donna says

    I love Surrealestate and would hate to see it cancelled! There are so many sci-fi shows that do not continue for some bizarre reason. Keep it!

  2. Penny Gorr says

    Surerealestate is very good and entertaining. I love the way it keeps you on the edge of your seat but also gives you some laughs and thrills along the way. Please please please renew it for a second third and maybe even a fourth season!!!! Please do not cancel this show.

  3. Penny Gorr says

    SurrealEstate is a great concept show. It is something that you should keep and do a season two three and maybe even a season 4!!!! It is very enjoyable to watch and enjoy, gives you lots of thrills and chills and keeps you on the edge of your seat but also provides laughter and human compassion.

  4. JL says

    After watching S01E01 first 20 min, I knew this show was going to get canceled. It wasn’t cutting it and they made the right decision.

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