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  1. ken says

    the show reportedly was going to be renewed for a fifth and final season on NBC as Universal Television wanted to continue the series, but financial issues got in the way. The original series joins other canceled titles at the network including Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Manifest, and Debris.i also saw season is canceled but were on season 4 nw

  2. Karen Jones says

    Honesty. Disappointed in the decision to cancel. It has a high rotten tomatoes score and a huge fan base! If Netflix had picked it up, I would have paid for the service. You (NBC) didn’t listen to the fans!

  3. Mona Legg says

    Taking our favorite tv shows away that fans love to watch. We love to watch Good Girls always anxious to watch the next week. Now our most favorite tv show is taken away and it’s really depressing.

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