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  1. Steve says

    I was a fan of the original Kung Fu, and Kung Fu, The Legend Continues, Starring David Carradine. I have been waiting for a remake, and or a reunion television that brings back Kwai Chang Caine. But since the actor who played him has passed i guess we will settle for this. I am on board for this new adventure for this new Kung Fu series. My only problem with it is, why does the production and release date have to set so far into the future. I will be waiting for it to hit the CW Channel.

  2. Ramon says

    Kinda TROPE already, ain’t it? Go on spiritual journey, return, find home is in shambles, get revenge using newly acquired skills.

    VERY VERY far from my Kwai Chang Caine, grasshopper… now snatch the pebble from my hand…

  3. critter says

    You could bring in Keith Carradine to take his brother part… With training he could pull it off. Keith actually had a few cameos in the original series in the temple scenes. Even bring Chris Potter from the Kung Fu: Legend Continues back and work the storyline back to the Kwaichangcaine Character.

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