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  1. Sheila Jamison says

    It seems that the tv show clarice is filmed in the dark…every scene is miserable to watch. I really don’t want to watch it anymore.

    • oldwestman says

      My wife and I agree, apparently they don’t have money for electricity so the lights must always be so dim that it is hard to follow the story line and the sound is not the best either. I like the show but it is too hard to see what is going on and the audio portion leaves a lt to be desired as well.

  2. nona liles says

    I was not a fan at first, but I must admit after a few episodes, the shows improved greatly and the last few episodes were great. My only negative comment would be that it is filmed a little too dark. Sometime you miss things beause the picture is a little dark. Relly hope they renew though.

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